A Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate, also known as SR22 insurance, is a type of motor vehicle liability insurance. SR22 In Chicago can provide you with an affordable Chicago SR-22 insurance document that will certify that an individual has the minimum liability insurance as required by law. We also automatically notify the Illinois Department of Public Safety when an SR-22 is cancelled, terminated, or lapses.


Drivers who request a SR22 Illinois certificate for numerous reasons; however, most often it's to help ensure the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that you have the basic insurance coverage as required by law. Some of the most common reasons this is requested of drivers by the state are:

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Failure to show proof of auto insurance

sr22 insurance chicago

A DUI or DWI or any serious moving violation

chicago sr22 insurance

An accident while driving without insurance

illinois sr-22 auto insurance

Repeat traffic offenses or too many tickets in a short time period

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A revoked or suspended license

If you have ever been caught drinking and driving or driving without insurance in Chicago you will need SR-22 insurance. What exactly is a SR22? It is a document that shows proof of your financial responsibility. You will need a SR22 after your conviction. SR22 Chicago is usually required for about 3 years. Each state has its own laws regarding the SR-22.

But the good news is, finding cheap SR22 near me is easier than ever. If you live in Chicago, you would need to follow the Illinois law regarding SR-22. You need to get proof of insurance in Illinois by filing a document with the Illinois Department of Public Safety or the DPS for short. It is mandatory in Illinois for convicted drunk drivers.

Needing to know “what is SR22 insurance” is never a good sign if you’re looking for the wrong reasons. The SR-22 document shows proof to the IL DPS that you have the right amount of coverage. The amount is determined by the State. If your cheap SR22 Illinois coverage is expired early or there are lapse or gaps then your insurance company has to inform the DPS immediately. This will result in the suspension of your driver's license.

How long do you need Chicago SR-22 Insurance for? It really depends on few things. The average time is between 2 and 3 years since the day your driver's license was reinstated. Be sure to follow up and find out the exact amount of time and other requirements you need to meet for your SR22 insurance form. You can contact the local DPS located in Chicago. They will also send you a mail with the requirements.

How do you get a SR22 insurance in Illinois? The best way is to contact a local insurance broker who specializes in SR-22 insurance policies such as SR22 In Chicago. Our team can show you the best available options and policies that best fits your needs. While the reasons are generally the same, we will make sure to set you up with a plan that best matches your needs and situation. Be sure to select the policy that meets your requirements. If you want to shop around you can try to find better pricing on the SR-22 policy since you will need this for few years.

There are generally two types of SR22 policies available.

  • One of them is the non-owners policy. This is for people who do not own a car. However, if you plan on driving someone’s car you would need to carry your Illinois SR-22 policy with you at all times.
  • The other is a standard SR-22 policy. If you need to move out of State, then you would still need to have a SR-22 policy in your new State. Find out the local laws if you decide to move

The good thing about Chicago SR22 insurance or Illinois SR22 is that it is relatively cheap, normally costing only $15-$25 for the form.

It is unlikely that having an Illinois SR-22 certificate filed with the state would increase your insurance rates. Depending on the reason you're filing an SR-22, however, your insurance company could raise your rates based on those reasons. Your current insurance company may raise your rates more than others would. If your rates increased because of any reason call an SR22 In Chicago agent and see if we can help you find the same quality insurance at a lower rate.

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